How important is it to silence my bow?

August 21st, 2009 / Posted by David
How important is it to silence my bow?

How important is it to silence my bow? I’ve heard different opinions on this subject. Also, what is the best method for doing this?

The decibel level a deer will tolerate before ducking the arrow on release has never been determined – and never will be. There are just too many variables involved. In the north, deer seem to be more relaxed than in the south and less inclined to drop before the arrow gets to them. Of course, their reaction depends on the individual encounter. You have to read the deer’s body language and anticipate any movement. If they’re tense, they’ll drop a little – even in the north.

Average bow noise on very short or long shots isn’t the primary concern. By muffling your bow you may improve your chances on mid-range deer, however. String silencers are required. You can use two or four, depending upon your arrow weight. Heavy arrows don’t produce as much bow noise and don’t require as much effort to silence. The real key is to make sure your accessories are solid with a minimum number of moving parts. More important than silencing your bow on release is making sure your bow is deadly silent when you draw it – or you may never get a chance to release!

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