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Standing in the

Postby ylq on Sun May 05, 2019 2:54 am

Standing in the wind, the wind is not only cold, but also a sad and sad atmosphere. There has always been more or less sadness in the fall. So, in the fall, sadness, sadness, and even forget the joy of harvest in the fall. In the autumn night, loneliness and coldness make people speechless. I am accompanied by the night. Night, will it disappear? Or, just I quietly leave Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping, sweeping through the world like the wind, leaving a sigh of mourning, leaving a sadness to the fate who will remember those traces of me, listening to the songs I sang, reminiscing about some people, affectionate Live, live this life. However, I still have this life, and my parents are saying that life does not need to be prosperous, just be content and be happy. Plainness is the hand of the bear, watching the morning sun rise slowly in the morning; plain is the opposite, waving with the sunset of the west fall; plain is the day of chai oil and salt like water, quietly happy, although not enough. So quiet years, it is not a luxury, but some people say that even if life is desolate Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online, it must be prosperous. Du Fu's life, with a sharp pen, describes the sadness of his own heart, and the face and vicissitudes of the times. In the late years of the trip, with the poet's unyielding will, leaving thousands of poems, shining with dazzling light. In fact, what is prosperous, what is desolate, who can say clearly that having a perfect ending is the wish of all embarrassment. Who, don't want to be prosperous? Who, do not want to live a perfect splendid bloom like the night of the water, slowly flowing; sleepless thoughts drifting in the night, lonely and speechless. Allow time, quietly leave, sorry? However, there is nowhere to be able to grasp the sorrow of the time Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes, nowhere to be embarrassed, the ridiculous time of the reincarnation of the four seasons, unable to reincarnate the years of life, unable to re-emerge, after all, in the years gone, lost, They have also lost those beautiful footprints and are no longer coming back. This year, I went to the seaside in the dream, but the Iraqis could not come. The sky is still so blue; the road is still so long; the sea is still so wide. Where are the Iraqis? Under the sun, only the shadow of the memory is looming, looming, the eyes of the tears and eyes, standing in the wind, so desolate! It is cold and transparent. At this time, the falling leaves are like flying thoughts, and the sky is flying in the sky. This is a way of knowing. I understand the process of life, understand the lifelessness of life, understand the gains and losses of life, and care about the scenery all the way... cut the time of a long year, hold the warmth and the warmth along the way, take the mountain a journey of water. The days are sorted into poetic chapters. Along the way, look back, or gaze, look at this road, love all the way, all the way sad, all the way sad.. Always read those in-depth articles Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, to think about life, activate the numb disappointed mind. I��m on a flower, I don��t know, can I return without a touch! With a comprehension of life, find a stream of Taoyuan, a wooden house, in front of a pool of flowers, watching the years change, writing a hundred life along the path Make Newport 100, the quiet path that once traveled thousands of times, all the way Long, all the way sad. Only know that autumn is strong. Stop at that moment, take all of this to the bottom of the eye, and look at the red dust: it turns out to be so speechless. Looking back, faintly feeling the desolate atmosphere. Maybe, the red dust is coming, you are, I am, everyone has been there, but there is no intersection. Quiet, with words, v. the wind; long flowing water, and the years, stop at the ferry of life, look forward to the bustling, tumultuous life, why not a landscape? You can make a picture, leisurely like a poetry, quietly passing through your fingertips, there is no ending, it is a dream of breaking the ground. When I look back, it is already a human being. This fragment of the land, I have already picked it up and collected it in memory. So, smiling, floating in the loss of the years, free from the fall of the autumn wind, really suitable for crying, with the memories of the past, and those memories.
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Postby Prateek on Fri May 31, 2019 1:31 am

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