Facing the reality, the

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Facing the reality, the

Postby ylq on Sun May 05, 2019 2:54 am

Facing the reality, the reality is naked. It is not as poetic as it is not as passionate as the moon Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa. Every season has birds and flowers, which are intoxicating, but the reality is not a movie, not everyone��s story yesterday. Very bright, more bitter and bitter, tears made people stronger with the passage of time, laughter disappeared with the change of the four seasons, sweat drenched the banknotes into food, and the banknotes bought me. Sleep time, Kaixing didn't have me early, the stars stared at me and the master of my old barber shop advised me to blacken my white hair to cover up my old face. I often told the barber that old people are old. When the white hair is black, it will turn into white hair. In fact, everyone loves beauty, and why don't I want to let myself "rejuvenate"? It��s money that doesn��t make me a success. Sometimes I��m going to click on a famous car on my computer. If I don��t look at it, I��ll have a lot of ��friends�� who have never met. This ��friend�� calls me like a loved one. One phone after another, the kindness of the sweet ear and the whispering enough to make me unable to find a reason for refusal, I had to support me, sometimes I went to the car dealer to see, the salesman is like my shadow When I came, I made a piece of tea while tea, and the enthusiasm seemed to treat me as a "lover" for a long time. I was so embarrassed that I was so embarrassed that I looked at the salesman��s face Carton Sale On Newports. Smile, that smile is full of my desire to buy a car, the desire to write on the salesman's face disappeared in my wallet Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, I know that I am swollen face fat Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping, I know that there is a saying : "There are people who have good women who don't want money," but they have the kind of unrealistic desire to pursue. The extravagant hope is attached to my soul like ghosts, making me difficult to extricate myself. Whenever I am Touching the new car is like reluctant to touch the lover. I can��t use it. Words to describe, if only I know Heaven knows, of course, I also felt that the car its Chilian, is in the bag shy let me once again sweeping the Xing Gao waved and cars do not. I left, leaving one after another hope to give the salesman, the salesman holding my hope to fall asleep, get up early in the morning to open the phone I left on his (her) mobile phone, want to call and retract my hand, afraid to call me The phone is too diligent, and my heart is not happy. Time is always rushing away. The hope that I left for him or her is getting worse Marlboro 100'S Carton. He (she) is not disappointed. Every day with dreams, I always hope that I can (he ) Sprinkle the light, in fact, I don��t want to, I am not only that, I want to let the light stay in my bed and accompany me to sleep and accompany me to sleep, and this is just a fantasy, it is the reality that broke me and him ( Her dream
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Postby Prateek on Fri May 31, 2019 1:31 am

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