ttle down. It seems that

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ttle down. It seems that

Postby ylq on Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:48 pm

ttle down. It seems that the mice have been discussed for a night, and they have never heard of them. The winter of that year came very early. One day, the white cat didn't come back after going out. I didn't see it until midnight, until the next day at noon, it slipped down from the roof. I was afraid of it. Lost, even more afraid that it was stolen, I had to squat it again, just outside that night there was a male cat calling spring, our family's white cat wants to struggle to run out, I suddenly understood the white The reason why the cat left, it turned out to be a mother, I had to let it go out, or else I was afraid that I couldn��t sleep this night. Just after the spring, the white cat went down, and there was pure white. Pure black, and black and white, a total of four little babies, I do not know why there are two less than a few days, I asked experienced neighbors, neighbors said: cats can not scare it when they are born, Otherwise, it will eat its own scorpion. I think of the day when the white cat was produced. The children in the yard have to look at it. Some children have scratched their scorpions with their hands. It may smell human smell in its scorpion. It only eats its scorpion since then I��m no longer Let anyone move the white cat and its nephews. The one white, one black and the two kittens that are alive are very cute. They have been given to others by my lover just after the month, taking the kitten, the white cat. Looking for kittens everywhere, it keeps calling, calling for kittens, the scene makes people look like a mother who lost her child, calling for her own children, all of them are distressing. I had to buy a delicious white cat to comfort it. After about three or four days, the white cat could not see a little hope, and it returned to its former state. The white cat not only brought peace to my family, but also brought a lot of joy to our family. When I was free, my lover and I played with the white cat, sometimes it also learned how we look and we Hide and seek, the most favorite thing is that I love the woven sweaters left by the sweater. My lover and I feel that the family is a little more happy. It was about the summer of the second year. A friend came to me and said that I would use the white cat of our family for use. I first heard that the cat also borrowed. My friend said that there are too many mice in his shop. I heard that our cats are very likely to catch mice. So I came here. I can't stand the pleading of my friends. I have to promise to borrow him for three days. I have to return them after three days. . The next day, my friend ran to my house early in the morning, saying that the white cat had just been put into the store. I hadn��t had time to settle down. I just let it run without paying attention. I didn��t find it all day yesterday. I had to come early in the morning. Tell you, my friend is very sincere, and the white cat can't compare with friends. I have to say that I lost it when I lost it. I will hold one from the neighbor. I sent my friend back home. Feeling that the family is missing something, my heart feels empty. When I asked my neighbors for a cat, I was even more surprised that the white cats in our family didn��t know when they came back from the outside. When my lover saw the white cat Marlboro Gold, it seemed like it��s really called. People are moved to tears, white cats quietly in my lover's arms, is not looking up at my lover's scream, it seems to tell me again, I am back. From that time, my lover said: Who will borrow the white cat in the future? It means that I will not lend him to the day. The white cat of the family is more sensible. I smiled and said to my lover: Don��t take it as yourself. The person at home, my lover said: The white cat is my niece. I smiled and said: It is your niece, but it is not mine. To be honest, I really don't like to say animals and people the same. If the animal is the same as the human being, then the person becomes the animal. When the white cat came back in the winter, it was pregnant with the cat, this time its belly is much bigger than the last time, the neighbor said that your family��s white cat It must be more than the last cat Cheap Cigarettes. You have to add more nutrition to it. I follow the neighbor's squatting and give the white cat a lot of food. The white cat's stomach is too big, and it doesn't want to be active. I had to come with its temper, which was a good thing, but in the end it became an unexpected big bad thing. After two or three months of time, the white cat seems to be producing. According to past experience, I prepared a warm nest for the white cat early. It was very cold on the day of production. I took it. Putting it in a warm room, the white cat sometimes makes a painful cry. The voice is a bit like a heartbreaking pain. I can't help it a little, I can only watch it painfully screaming there. The neighbor said: You are going to the front yard, you may call Jia Dafu. He may have a way. People are gynecologists in the university. I can't manage that much. I am running straight to Jia Dafu's house. Just Jia Dafu is at home. He listened to me saying that after saving the cat, the expression on his face was very weird, and it was like being smashed by a bee. He sat there for a long time, and I was a little anxious to say: you will die if you don��t go to the white cat again. It may be because of the neighbor's face, only slowly and I walked out of his house Carton Of Cigarettes. Dr. Jia said: You usually eat white cats too much, too much, white cats have dystocia, surgery must be done, I am very cold when I hear my heart, Jia Dafu is a doctor, he said that I will give it now It is an operation. I am an assistant to Dr. Jia. I watched Jia Dafu use his scalpel to shine on the white cat's stomach. The white hair's internal organs were instantly exposed to my eyes. I was scared to see it again. Until Jia Dafu finished the operation for the white cat, and took out three bare-haired kittens from his stomach, I dared to take a look at the white cat. The white cat was dying at this moment. Jia Dafu said: White cat only has to After three days of dangerous period, it will be fine. If there is no way, I will only see the white cat squinting once after the operation. I haven't seen it wake up again. Maybe Dr. Jia gave him a shot. The medicinal properties have not passed, until the next morning, it still does not wake up, I prayed for it in my heart, it was almost noon, the white cat moved slightly, the eyes still did not open, during which the kittens would eat white Cat's milk, Dr. Jia said: You can use a tube to feed the white cat with some milk. I tried to feed the white cat a little milk, and later I couldn��t feed it Marlboro Red. Jia Dafu said: The white cat may not work. After the words of Dr Jia just finished, the white cat stopped the misfortune of breathing the cat except for bringing me In addition to the blow, the most embarrassing thing is that the three cute cat lice have no milk to eat, even though I feed them milk every day, there are still two cats dead, and the last one that survived is white. Like her mother, the white cat is dead, its child is still alive, I think I should treat it like a white cat, I look at the cat that grows up day by day, I sometimes think it is The white cat I adopted, I gave it the same name as his mother. In my heart, the white cat is not dead. He is still alive, because its story has not been finished yet, and it is very long and long.
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Re: ttle down. It seems that

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Re: ttle down. It seems that

Postby Hoty on Mon Aug 26, 2019 3:07 am

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