Walking in the world

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Walking in the world

Postby ylq on Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:24 am

Walking in the world, there is too much prosperity and embarrassment, and the roads that are about to go are too many to be blurred and unknown Cigarettes For Sale. Have you ever asked yourself during the stop and go, whether time can let each other forget the moments that could have been Ctrip, and even the places where the promised life that was once placed in the heart of the place always carries the memories of our life. Even the memories of generations Marlboro Gold. We are walking on the road, is it just to find the sense of existence of the self? Whether people live for a lifetime or not reverses the road and speed. When our sense of existence is based on money, we also deviate from the original intention of life. We are wrong. We are only pursuing a pleasure, but we do not know that the world is sincere and cannot forgive the mistakes we made. I am standing on the edge of life, the shouts have been overwhelmed by the time difference, and I am far away. Can I still go back? Those memories that I thought were very good, but I didn��t know that I had been stabbed and scarred, stood on the edge of the city, saw the rivers that were no longer clear, saw the dusty sand that danced all over the sky, and saw those sounds that kept going through the night. To the neon lights that stayed up all night... I was thinking about what the world was like, and couldn��t give me a moment of silence and clarity. I am not a person who loves feeling and thinking about life. I am just a passerby living in the present Parliament Cigarettes. Now we have too much and too much. Why don't we slow down and think about why we should let those invisible losses become the pain of generations that can never be remedied? When will this world become such material and extravagant, and who can afford such destruction and subversion? When we are busy, we just see the front of nothingness, but we don��t know that we are too silent in the moment. In silence, we gradually go away. I thought that my efforts can support the place I arrived, but I was wrong. I have walked through many places, but I can't go back to the past. The sky tells me that it is no longer blue. The river tells me that it is no longer clear. The world tells me that it no longer trusts us. why? We have lost too much from a hurry, what the current interests are, but it is also a cloud before life. Is the powerlessness of a person a continuation of generations? I don't understand, because I can't keep up with their footsteps. In this world, we are filled with too many things. I hope that you, like me, think about the world at the edge of the city, and then make our real actions and Efforts When we once again saw this bare and gray world Marlboro Red, have there been any meditations? The environment in which we live depends on everything. Let us pray to more people, the Chinese should not be like this. I stood on this road and looked up. I saw that the time I couldn��t catch blurred my longing, and it was a pain for a long time. Whether, in the next section, we will all be awake and extend our hands for our common home Cheap Cigarettes.
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