This semester also opened

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This semester also opened

Postby ylq on Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:56 pm

This semester also opened a Chinese ancient literature class. Since there are many works that have been read, the understanding of the textbook is smooth, and I can always interact with the teacher. Of course, there are still a few who are longer than this class. Like Zhang Rencheng, he knows that he can understand the "Historical Records" and "Han Shu". Whenever he talks about the characters of the two Han dynasties, he can follow the words Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes. Like Luo Zhen, who has poetry temperament Marlboro Regular Cigarettes, Zhu Jinglong, who has a wide knowledge base, is also known as the leader of this class. However, our advantage is only reflected in the usual discussion of learning. Once the test is taken, the advantage may not be all right. The lesson of foreign literature in the last semester only showed that the results of the middle grades show that if you want to test the scores equivalent to the academics, you only have to work harder. That is to say: the advantage and the preparation are the real advantages. To this end, I have taken a seemingly clumsy method that is actually very effective. This is to find out the difficulty of each lesson and even the key points of each chapter. After summing up and summing up, the effect of this method is verified in the final exam. My ancient literature scored 92 points. Finally, the ability and performance are comparable. However, with the history of the party, the introduction to literature, the scores of the four subjects of modern Chinese are average, but the total score is only slightly higher in the middle, because the efforts of others are equally extraordinary. In a conversation Buy Newport Online, Jiang Shuqing was straightforward; "I ate a big chili sauce for a month!" She used the time to cook for review! The hard-working person is by no means the only one Buy Cigarettes Marlboro. It can be said that the female students in the class have a strong sense of competition. Don��t look at the usual discussion of the problem is not strong, but once you review the exam, the head must let the eyebrows look forward to the third semester Newport Cartons For Sale. In the golden autumn season, the class committee organized a table tennis competition. Table tennis was a long-cherished hobby for me. I was so tired when I was in high school. Whenever the ringing of the class was ringing, I rushed to the table tennis room. However, it is not easy to make a shot, because there are fewer players and fewer qualifiers are required. That is to say, the winner of the previous round first hits a ball. Only when he wins can he play a beat, otherwise he will line up! I often work hard to give people a half-day shot, but only one ball. It can be said that I am very fond of this sport. I was caught in this competition. I was a rival to a female student because of the mixed men and women. He is Li Xiuzhi. As far as the game is concerned, I am not as good as her. Since I didn't have much hope of hitting the top three, I played very well when I hit it. When I hit half a shot, I was already a big leader. Just send a few more shots that I can get, and I can take it down. But winning won't win her makes me a little embarrassed, because if I can't beat the top three, if I win her, it will ruin her hope of entering the top three. In the face of such a situation, I was born with courtesy. Why can't she let her go and let her enter the next round? So, I decided to lose her idea. Looking at the opponent again, she is already an expression that does not hold any hope for victory. In order to make her turn to victory, it seems smooth and natural, I will no longer turn the ball, the ball does not turn, she is good at pulling, she will open the bow around, playing me without the power to fight back. In this way, she sang all the way, not only won, but also scored the top three
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Postby Prateek on Fri May 31, 2019 1:37 am

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Online Services

Postby BillyJhon on Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:11 pm

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