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In the year of the New

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:56 pm
by ylq
In the year of the New Year, I gradually faded away from the busy schedule of the New Year, and I was rewarded with joy and happiness when I was resting. That year, the taste is still in my mind. After a few days of the New Year, people from all walks of life, in order to welcome the arrival of the New Year, are all overjoyed and busy. With a brand-new look, we welcome the arrival of the New Year. Every family has posted Spring Festival couplets, dumplings, reunion, firecrackers, fireworks, fireworks and folk customs all over the country. The Year of the Rooster is a lively and extraordinary event. The stars are gathered together. The songs and dances Cheap Newports Online Free Shipping, cross talks, sketches, and various programs have left a deep impression on us. At the same time, we have brought laughter and laughter with zeros. We are cheering and retiring. Welcome the New Year, step into the first day of the New Year's Eve, with the good mood of not forgetting the original intention, enter the sleepless New Year's Eve night early in the morning, the whole family will go out to welcome the guests, welcome the door, and come to a big New Year. Everyone is overjoyed, and the spirit is rejuvenated. If you are blessed by the New Year, Zhangkou will come and come out. There are countless heads, and I am confused, but I can��t lose the traditional etiquette, and the evening of the first day of laughter is the happy moment of our Zhao family and brothers. We are gathered together at the same time and place, toasting together, celebrating friendship, uniting and maintaining the fine traditions of the family, and have a long history. After the first day, it is an important event and pleasure to visit relatives, friends and hospitality. Every day, there are big fish and big meats. If you feel full of drunkenness, you can only stay with you to the end. Indulge in the new year, the new year, the new moon in the first month of the new moon, with drunkenness, enjoy the night scene, walk into the temple fair, look at the lantern. Walk in the bright, bustling crowds and have a fun, don't have some fun and style. Enjoy, watch, associate, and relish everywhere, and you will be happy and happy. Until late at night, returning to sleepwalking like sleeping and sleeping, waiting for awakening, is the beginning of the New Year, the beginning of the year is still beginning. In this way, in the footsteps of the New Year's Spring, we unwittingly ushered in the fifteenth round of the moon, and we rejoined the whole family, eating dumplings, setting off firecrackers, and rewarding the moon, leaving this wonderful moment. From then on, we can no longer stop, rushing to the busy starting point of the New Year, step by step, down to earth, hard work and go to splendid and brilliant. Some people say that the taste of the year is getting weaker and thinner. This year is not as good as one year. I always feel that the present year has no taste of the past. It seems that people have grown up, and the annual taste has not followed. It is not like a small time, looking forward to the arrival of the New Year. I hope that I can eat some good clothes and wear new clothes all the year round. . The present year, for us, is just a holiday, not related to hope and expectation Newport Online Cigarettes. No matter how the annual ring of time flows, the child��s hope for the New Year will never change Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. It��s changed to these adults, and it��s changed year after year. Once the children grew up, the New Year is no longer as expected. When I thought of my childhood, the new year's goods were definitely a big thing to seduce the children. When the winter vacation is released, I start to count my fingers. A family of people will go to the annual collection to buy new year's goods. Mothers will sort them in a sort of way, and things like candy will not be allowed to move. They will only be placed on the plates when they are in the Lunar New Year. Especially the bacon made by the mother, the flavor is rich, the oil is not greasy, let us eat it, the meaning is still unfinished Newport 100'S Cigarettes, the lips and teeth are fragrant, and the meaning is profound. Yes, the New Year always comes as scheduled, and the year is still one year for every Chinese. The most important festival Newport Cigarette Cartons. Going home for the New Year, always contains our desire for reunion and the thoughts of our hometown. Year after year, grandly come and quietly leave. Years full of memories, old age, ushered in the spring, sent away the warm winter. In the hope of carrying a blessing, in the wish is full of peace. The taste is still very strong, and the family is still very deep. The taste that we once thought was lost, in fact, it did not disappear. It appears in our lives in another way. It continues everything that has been there. It has never changed. Just look at the emotions in your heart. Maybe, the years will be different in our own hearts. Similar feelings and aftertaste

PostPosted: Fri May 31, 2019 1:38 am
by Prateek
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:11 pm
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