I will meet my death and

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I will meet my death and

Postby ylq on Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:45 pm

I will meet my death and burst into tears for the music 200 years ago, because I listen to Cannon. "A celebrity said this. If you have heard of Cannon, you will understand - there is a feeling that is speechless Marlboro 100S Box.be, I can't explain the whole meaning of this music with pale words Cigarets Free Shipping, but please let me tell my feelings.y note is calm and energy-free; every melody, loopback is not monotonous. It is the sun touching the ground through the branches, the stream flowing gently, the long notes on the yellowed paper, or telling an old story. This sad story is not so sad, but it is so tearful.adually, as the tune continues to rise, the clouds are pushed away, the sun shines as much as possible, and everything in the world is bathed in its arms. The bird flies higher and farther, making people feel the existence of life clearly, so that people can't help but embrace the nature like a dancer with open arms and want to break free of the body. Coherent notes, moving melodies, like the afternoon sun fills your soul. Layers of progressive, bright rhythm, let you yearn for the freedom of the blue sky. You will feel what you are chasing, and you will feel a bright light in front. All life is stretching. This upward force touches me, and I am moved by the fact that the world can exist like this, and that life can exist like this. rhythm gradually slowed down, like singing, like lyrical. The end of the meaning is still unfinished. The world is still, life is still there. You will lift your head and smile at the unknown tomorrow.re is peace in nature and vitality in peace. The combination of violin and piano is unparalleled. The violin adds vitality to the piano; the piano paves the violin.e young Pahai Bell, who endured the great pain of his wife and children dying from the plague Marlboro Light Discount, created a group of immortal music to commemorate the deceased. One of the variations was the D major Canon who was later called. This song is full of the author's memories of the past, full of the author's perception of life. connotation of "Cannon" is definitely more than that. One part followed by one, and all the seemingly cheerful rhythms have its connotations. Everyone's feelings about "Cannon" are different, just like everyone has experienced a different life. this a song of life? Only by constantly chasing can we break through the layers of danger Marlboro Cigarette Diameter. People have joys and sorrows, just like the melody of this song, you need to face it calmly Newports Cigarette For Sale. is what I understand, "Cannon", so warm, so sly, so calm, and so energetic. A foreigner once wrote: "It allows me to feel a trembling through the spine and reach the soul."e been waiting for a song that will make me cry. Today, I am waiting. It was a silent song, a low-key and deep song.
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