rosewood has risen

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rosewood has risen

Postby Qizhenbi on Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:22 pm

<p>market; Sapele logs market in general, African chicken wings market active; iron line inventory backlog serious, purple heart hematoxylin Smooth; Manchuria logs prices stabilize. 1, Southeast Asia logs market: Cochin Dalbergia (commonly known as red wine) high fever, high prices. The current length of 1.5-2.5m, diameter 15-25cm </p>
<p>reported to 7-8 million / ton, the supply is unusually tight, is expected at the end of the year when the red wine back to the new goods. Insiders pointed out that since October, the national mahogany furniture, the main material prices continue to rise, Vietnamese pear, red foliage, Hainan rosewood has risen more than the peak price in </p>
<p>2007, or almost crazy, is expected to future mahogany material prices Will also be higher. Sandalwood rosewood (commonly known as Indian lobular red sandalwood) new goods to add. In the dealer actively looking for goods under the recent number of small leaf red sandalwood that south of Guangdong market, but the number of small. </p>
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