flooring companies in the end

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flooring companies in the end

Postby Qizhenbi on Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:27 am

<p>(Source: China Floor net) At present, China's flooring industry is facing: wood is up, shipping costs are rising, labor is also up, costs have risen ... Floor industry profits are gradually declining. In addition to the front-end production of a variety of price increases, the floor sales in the terminal, the terminal also changes the profit of floor </p>
<p>products. In the layers of exploitation of channel traders under the floor, the loss of profits of floor products, the industry increasingly competitive, flooring companies in the end should be how to deal with? What causes the profit decline? 1, timber rose. With the implementation of the State Natural Protection Project, we strictly controlled the </p>
<p>illegal logging and logging of trees and banned the logging in the northeastern regions of China. The major timber-producing provinces in Jilin, Yunnan and Guangxi all said that they cut their output substantially. In addition, The United States, Russia, Malaysia and other countries have successively announced the policy of reducing the export </p>
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